About Us

In April 2018 Heathcote Parish Church was born. As part of the  Church of England we invite people from all Christian traditions, or none, to worship with us. Heathcote Parish Church grew out of Warwick Gates Community Church and we maintain a desire to be a blessing to the growing community of Warwick Gates and Heathcote. 

We believe in a God who loves us and wants us to know him, who showed his love towards us in his son, Jesus Christ, and who is living and active in the world today by his Holy Spirit.

We believe that God has the power to transform individual lives, families and communities and that only by knowing him can we understand our purpose in life and live it to the full.

While we’re not ‘there’ yet, we are on a journey together encouraging and helping one another to know God better by reading His word in the Bible and seeking to live it out with the help of his Holy Spirit. 



I am married to Rachel and we have three children. I grew up in Birmingham but have lived in Nottingham, London, New Zealand, Leamington Spa, Bristol and Coventry.

I was a youth worker and then a secondary school teacher before being ordained.

A good day for me would involve some of the following: rugby, cricket, laughing with the family, good quality coffee, Guinness, steak and an absorbing book on the kindle. A great day would involve them all!

I am passionate about helping others to experience the liberating life and love of Jesus Christ.

Rob Budd - Vicar of Heathcote Parish Church

Rev Rob Budd




PCC members are part of the leadership team at HPC. They serve the church by making prayerful decisions over ‘big picture’ issues. This includes our vision and strategy and how we use our resources to fulfil the mission we believe we are called to. As HPC is a charitable organisation, they are also trustees of the church funds. Members are elected at the APCM (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) and serve for 3 years.

All members of PCC are active and committed members of our church family, most also serve through other ministries and all share a passion to see God’s kingdom come to our area.


Under the oversight of the vicar, members from within the church volunteer to lead in specific areas of ministry eg. junior church, youth church, small groups.